Bwindi’s COVID-19 appeal

UPDATE MAY 2020!…..The team in the UK and Uganda would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all our donors who have responded to this appeal! One of our Trustees, Ceri, and her extended family took part in a variety of activities for the 2.6 Challenge and made a video to say thank you to all their supporters.

Overall, you have helped us to raise over £25,000 so far: enough to cover the salaries of 14 staff in the community, from HIV to midwifery to Public Health and enrolled nurses….. for FIVE whole months! This will enable community outreach delivering essential medications and care to those unable to access the hospital; this is anticipated to be life-saving for some patients. We really are most grateful on their behalf.

We are continuing to fundraise here. Your donation will be given to support the life-saving work of Bwindi Community Hospital.

Here is some further information about the appeal:

The corona virus pandemic is affecting communities all over the world. Bwindi Community Hospital needs our support more than ever as they face new challenges. The cost of medication and PPE has risen by over 100%. Travel restrictions mean that patients can’t access healthcare unless they live in one of the few villages within walking distance of the hospital. This is particularly affecting patients on long term medication for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and HIV, who now can’t access medication. BCH has always been innovative in their approach to healthcare. They are piloting community nurses travelling by motorbike to patient’s villages to deliver medication and review patients. This will not be an easy task with a large mountainous catchment area, in rainy season and an early curfew. This will also not be an inexpensive task. Any support would be greatly appreciated.

For more information please read this letter from Dr Birungi, executive director, this blog post from a former volunteer at the hospital and this update from BCH.

Despite being in lock down there are still many ways you can help us raise money for the vital work done by BCH:

  1. Set up a regular donation to support the hospital through this difficult time. One nurse outreach is estimated to cost £40 per day
  2. Share this page with your friends and family
  3. Draw a Ugandan flag or download one to colour in. Add #REACH Bwindi at the bottom and put it in your window for neighbours to see. Post a picture on our Facebook page!
  4. Work out the money you’ve saved by not commuting or not buying cups of coffee or pints of beer and donate it instead.

Thank you very much for your support.