Happy Birthday BCH

BCH celebrated their 18th Birthday last month. Here is a clip of the cake cutting! And of course a party would be incomplete without dancing. Congratulations BCH!

Happy Easter

Easter has arrived and it is the rainy season in Bwindi. It’s breakfast time here but I imagine it will be time for ‘break tea’ at BCH. Break tea is an institution. Sweet milky tea and chapati part way through the morning is not to be missed.  When the rain stops the grass around the wards…

Time to reflect

This time last year my family and I were working in Bwindi Community Hospital, experiencing the challenges of living and working in a remote corner of East Africa and Coronavirus was as yet only a distant threat.  I recorded some early reflections: “Drums call me to work. Singing heralds the beginning of our working day. An…

Sight4Bwindi Winter Update

Happy New Year! I am happy to share with you positive news from the BCH eye clinic including a visit from Dr Simon Arunga, President of the Ugandan Ophthalmologists in December, who will support the introduction of tele-ophthalmology. Please see the news letter for a full report. Best wishes for 2021

The Big Dip 2020

REACH Bwindi took part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge for the first time this year. This is the UK’s biggest match funding campaign and runs during the first week of December. To raise money for the challenge trustees and supporters decided to swim outdoors every day for the week, in a ‘Big Dip’ challenge….

The Big Give Christmas Challenge!

REACH Bwindi is taking part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge, the UK’s biggest match funding campaign where donations up to £1500 are doubled between 1st-8th December – it started at midday today! We are raising money to support the expansion of Community Health services at BCH. Currently the village outreaches mainly focus on maternal…

REACH Bwindi – The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2020

We are happy to share with you the news that REACH Bwindi is taking part in this year’s Big Give Christmas challenge to raise funds for Bwindi Community Hospital. The difficulty accessing medical services faced by communities living in this rural location has been compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic with restrictions placed on movement and…

Sight4Bwindi Autumn Update

Like many other countries Uganda is slowly emerging from lockdown. At BCH all staff are required to wear masks and patients are screened at the gate where they have their temperature taken. The eye clinic is open and although numbers have been low due to lockdown they are starting to pick up. The service continues…

News from Sight4Bwindi

We attach the fourth newsletter from Sight4Bwindi, the team working with the hospital to establish eye care services at BCH.