Dr Sarah Capewell Dinwoodie (Chair of the Board of Trustees)

Sarah is a General Practitioner in Glasgow and a previous volunteer at Bwindi Community Hospital.  She and her husband Kieran developed strong and ongoing links with the Hospital from their exploratory visit 2010, where future work was planned in line with the Hospital’s objectives.  Her particular areas involved leading family planning courses and the multidisciplinary confidential enquiry into maternal and child deaths, teaching and clinical work.  She loves the warmth, ethos, organisation and efficiency of the team providing essential healthcare through Bwindi Community Hospital, and now supports the it from the UK.


Dr Ceri Gallivan

Ceri is a GP based in Sheffield. During her GP training she volunteered in Malawi for six months after studying for a diploma in tropical medicine. She worked as a GP for two years after qualifying and then moved to Uganda to volunteer at Bwindi Community Hospital. She was at BCH for two years from August 2015 until August 2017 through a partnership between the hospital and the Royal College of General Practitioners. Ceri feels passionate about the role that primary health care can play in improving health care in the developing world and about high quality healthcare being accessible for all. She feels privileged to have been part of the BCH staff. During her time at the hospital she witnessed innovative programmes and enthusiastic hard working staff which is leading to significant changes in the health outcomes of the local population. Ceri is pleased to be able to continue to support the hospital through the work of REACH Bwindi.


Mr Andrew Dobson

Andrew is an Operational Research Analyst. In course of his career, he has worked: for 5 years in the IT industry, developing systems for insurance companies and banks; for 17 years as a government analyst and manager of government analysts, supporting policy development and evaluation and operational management; and for the last 12 years as an independent consultant working, mostly pro-bono, with not-for-profit organisations and charities in the UK and East Africa. For the last 7 years, he has spent over half of his time as a volunteer at Bwindi Community Hospital, and most of his time in the last 5 years, working to build local capacity in a variety of ways, including efficiency and systems improvement, business planning and financial modelling, and developing local research capacity.  He is married to a Ugandan clinical instructor.

Dr Marian Davis

Marian is a GP based in Herefordshire. She retired from her practice in 2016. Since then she has visited Bwindi Community hospital on a regular basis, working with local colleagues to develop youth friendly services. Over half the population of Uganda is under fifteen years old. Improving health outcomes and maximising the potential of this age-group chimes with the hospital’s vision of ‘a healthy and productive community free from preventable disease and with excellent health services accessible to all.’ Marian believes in providing quality primary care services tailored to the needs of the individual and it is her privilege to work with and learn from colleagues at BCH. She continues to support their work from the UK​.