Safe water


There have been many developments at the hospital over the past year. The hospital now has a water filtration system. This has been provided by General Electric (GE) partnered with Assist International, CARE Uganda, Emory University and Makerere University. The hospital and staff housing now has safe drinking water throughout. Diarrhoeal illnesses are one of the commonest reasons children are admitted to hospital and are often caused by water-borne infections so this is a big step in improving the health of the community.

safe waterbishop with water

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  1. As we prepare to celebrate world water Day March 22, 2018 this is to invite you to celebrate your achievement of providing Safe drinking water to the people Bwindi community; in the Daily Monitor as we run a special supplement on the same day..


    1. reachbwindi says:

      Thanks for being in touch. Please could you contact Barnabas from the communications team at the hospital at


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