Responding to the impact of the pandemic in Bwindi

From Dr Birungi:

As you know, COVID-19 is currently a threat to the whole world. We fully support the measures taken by governments and other health partners for the job so far done.   I extend my deepest gratitude to all that have supported in management of this pandemic and most especially health care workers that are on the front-line to save lives, often risking their own.  

Worldwide interventions put in place have restricted movements of persons. Whilst is designed, in particular, to try to control the spread and heavy demands that the pandemic is putting on acute hospital services, and to protect those most at risk, it is also affecting the services that can be provided. Unfortunately, this is having a toll on the ongoing care needed by patients with lifelong illnesses. This is especially difficult for patients in low resource settings such as Bwindi. For example, these patients can no longer move to pick up their drugs, and the costs of drugs are also multiplying rapidly.

Bwindi hospital has piloted taking these essential drugs to the patients in 101 villages, so they can carry on receiving the care they need. These patients are especially vulnerable since there are already immune suppressed. Unfortunately, we do not know how long this will last, however, we would need $27,000 to run this activity for the next three months*.

Would you consider making a donation towards this cause?


Dr. Birungi Rwamatware Mutahunga.

Executive Director.
Bwindi Community Hospital

*Based on costs of $50 per nurse outreach per day for petrol, motorbike maintenance etc. With six nurses travelling to different villages every day.

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