Caitlin completes the hilly half-marathon!

On a sunny Saturday in October, Caitlin and two friends ran by Loch Morlich to REACH Bwindi. Here they are looking fresh as anything, with the dogs welcoming them at the end of their run!

Caitlin writes, “I visited this hospital in 2017 and saw community medicine at its best….the hospital has helped to achieve a 96% infant immunisation rate and an under-5 mortality far lower than the national average (22.7 vs 43.4/1000 live births). The annual budget is small – comparable to funding one General Practice in the UK – yet covering all hospital services plus community outreach to well over 80,000 people annually. More about the hospital’s remarkable achievements can be found here:-

Loch Morlich is beautiful, with a challenging terrain for this half-marathon involving running uphill into the wind at one point! See map below for the route.

Caitlin can be seen at the back of the group in this photo below, walking in that area on a previous occasion.

More information can be found on her fundraising page, which is still live, here:

The funds raised so far are already enough to cover the work of a professional Nurse for over a month, providing top-quality care. We are really grateful for all the support and know that the funds raised will be life-giving for people in Bwindi. CONGRATULATIONS and have a well-earned rest Caitlin!

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