Hats off to the Lenzie and Kirkintilloch Knitters!

We are enormously thankful to the knitters of Lenzie and Kirkintilloch who have between them knitted over 1200 hats for the neonatal and maternity unit at Bwindi Community Hospital.

Bwindi Community Hospital is the only hospital in the district which is able to provide specialist newborn care. The neonatal unit admits premature and other unwell babies born to mothers who have delivered in the maternity unit at Bwindi Community Hospital and also accepts referrals from outside the hospital. In 2022, 93 premature babies were admitted to the neonatal unit for specialist care.

Above: The neonatal unit at BCH.

In addition to support with their breathing and feeding, a really crucial part of the care provided is helping these babies to stay warm. Premature babies find it particularly difficult to maintain their body temperature. The smaller the baby the more challenging this is – some of the babies admitted to the unit can weigh as little as one kilogram!

Above: Jorogia’s baby Patrick is a surviving twin who was born weighing just over 1kg. His woollen hat is helping to keep him warm whilst he spends time in Kangaroo Mother Care with his mum.

Something as simple as a hat and warm, dry clothing makes a big difference to helping a baby to retain heat and stay warm. Unfortunately, not all mothers are able to provide their babies with the warm clothing and hats that they need.

In the UK, many maternity units have a supply of woollen hats. Each baby receives a hat as soon as they are born. We wanted to create a similar supply of knitted hats for the neonatal and maternity unit in Bwindi Community Hospital, so that warm hats can be offered to mothers for free when they have not been able to provide their own clothes.

Three knitting groups and other community members in Lenzie and Kirkintilloch, Glasgow have stepped up to the challenge and knitted over 1200 hats for our most vulnerable babies. If that wasn’t enough, between them they’ve also knitted 81 baby jumpers, 40 baby blankets and 9 cardigans! What a fantastic effort.

Above: Fran (a BCH volunteer) with some of the knitters and just a few of the many donated hats, blankets and cardigans! We are very grateful for their effort and the big difference it will make to the babies who need it most.

Above: The arrival of the hats and blankets!

Above: A big thank you from the paediatric staff at Bwindi Community Hospital to all the knitters.

We would also like to say a big thank you to others who donated in the lead up to Christmas last year. In particular the very generous donations from Jordanhill Parish Church and the Cambuslang Rotary club. Our ‘Room at the Inn’ Christmas appeal made £2930. This appeal supported the waiting mothers’ hostel at BCH which provides a safe place for expectant women to stay during their last month of pregnancy reducing some of the risks in pregnancy and delivery. Your generosity is much appreciated.

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