A new story from the paediatric ward

This week we hear from Akampurira Susan who is in her first post after finishing nursing school.

‘My name is Akampurira Susan. I am married with one baby boy. I come from Buhoma. I am an enrolled nurse and I have worked at Bwindi Community Hospital (BCH) for one year and nine months. This is my first job after finishing my studies here at the Uganda Nursing School Bwindi.

I like working at BCH because it is my home area and I love to serve my community. BCH provides us with opportunities to learn and progress. I wanted to work in paediatrics because I love children. My favourite thing is helping children who are unwell to get better. The best thing that I have experienced whilst working at BCH is to see people arriving at the hospital who are not well, and seeing them improve and go home healthy. However, it is challenging when people come and they are not registered in eQuality [the hospital insurance scheme], so they are not able to afford the investigations that the doctor has requested. In the future I hope to be able to go for further studies. I would like to study medicine and to become a paediatrician. Outside of work I like doing exercise videos and hiking.’

If you would like more information about the nursing school please see the Bwindi Community Hospital website:


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