REACH Bwindi is now registered with the UK HMRC, which is good news because it means we can claim GiftAid on donations made by UK taxpayers! GiftAid is a scheme enabling registered charities to reclaim tax on a donation made by a UK taxpayer, effectively increasing the amount of the donation.

To make donating and reclaiming GiftAid easier we have set up a MyDonate page. MyDonate is a not-for-profit, online fundraising service for UK charities. It is free for charities to use and every penny of the money donated (excluding credit/debit card charges – 1.3% Credit Card, 15p Debit Card) is paid into the charity bank account. It is now possible to make a one off donation or a regular donation via our MyDonate page.You can also set up your own fundraising page for REACH Bwindi on our page so get in touch if you’d like to run a marathon, organise a cake stall or do any other fundraising activities on behalf of the charity, we’d love to hear from you! Tomorrow Andrew is running a 100km race to raise money for the hospital – he’s set the bar high for future fundraisers!


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