Building for the future

One of the inspiring things about visiting and working with BCH is seeing their vision for the future turn into reality and the speed at which this sometimes happens!


There are currently lots of buildings being constructed at the hospital. A new large multi-purpose hall is being built behind the maternity and waiting mother’s hostel. This will be a very useful space for the hospital to have staff and student teaching sessions, to have consultations with patients from the waiting mother’s hostel and to be able to examine them in private, to hold church services in and hopefully to hold a youth friendly clinic in.


Two containers near the hospital entrance are being converted into a new outpatient block to have an eye clinic, mental health clinic and some administrative offices.

A new playground has been built by the paediatric ward, after some amazing fundraising by a previous UK volunteer Sam. The paediatrician is now prescribing play therapy and encouraging parents to take their children outside to play when they’re recovering.

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