BCH and Kisiizi staff qualify as family planning trainers!


Increasing the uptake of modern contraceptive methods is a hospital priority. Uganda has one of the highest fertility rates in Africa and the teenage pregnancy rate is 24%. Family planning can save lives by delaying motherhood, spacing children and avoiding unsafe abortions.

Over the past few years many staff and students have been trained as family planning providers by the family planning nurses and UK GP volunteers through the USHAPE programme (now run by the Margaret Pyke Trust in the UK). The nursing school aims for all students to be trained in family planning before they graduate, a first for a Ugandan nursing school! For this to be sustainable there was a need for more trainers. In October Dr Ceri Gallivan and Dr Marian Davis (UK GPs) and Sarah Uwimbabazi (family planning nurse) delivered a family planning ‘Train the Trainers’ course for staff from BCH and Kisiizi Hospital. This interactive week-long course developed skills in teaching, organising training, planning outreaches and creating a whole institution approach to family planning. Eight staff completed the training and three staff members attended for part of the course.


Congratulations to the new family planning trainers!

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