BCH Christmas Appeal

Christmas greetings and information about a new fundraising venture from our BCH colleagues…

Bwindi Community Hospital with great honour wishes you, your family and dear ones, the very best during this festive season!

As the year draws to the end, we take with us good memories of the achievements we have made, improving healthcare in the region and benefitting those that would have otherwise been left out. Unfortunately, there are many who would have loved to celebrate with us but could not make it.

Evelyn was born on the 24th August this year; she was 1kg, with poor respiratory effort though with a good heart rate. She was delivered at 28 weeks of gestation by emergency caesarean section before her lungs could mature because her mother had little ‘water’ in the womb for the baby to continue growing normally.

Evelyn was given intermittent assisted breathing but there was still poor respiratory effort regardless of the good heart rate.

This baby had chances of survival with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). Oxygen support for babies such as Evelyn is a basic need which can prevent deaths and reduces risk of getting avoidable complications. Audits into the under-five mortality for the last six months (June to December) at Bwindi Community Hospital revealed that prematurity and birth asphyxia complications constituted more than 90% of deaths; and these deaths could be minimised if the neonatal ward had more improved oxygen supply such as CPAP.

Oxygen requirements have increased for patients undergoing surgery, and on other wards. The hospital uses oxygen concentrators; these provide less than the required oxygen, considering recent advances in surgery (and starting laparoscopic surgery in 2020), emergency and intensive care unit and neonatal care in the region.

The recommended oxygen plant including its installation and piping throughout the wards is $200,000. Any amount that you feel you can contribute towards this cause is highly appreciated.

We thank you for all the support you give to us.

Merry Christmas and a blessed happy new year!

Bwindi Community Hospital


If you would like to support the BCH Christmas Appeal please visit our fundraising page and write in the comments that the donations is for the Christmas Appeal. Thanks very much for your support.

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