Seasons greetings from REACH Bwindi…

As we prepare for the festive season, and the year draws to a close, what better time to consider our impact on the world around us?

When the world seems to be filling with the harsh realities of life, seeing the immense efforts of the hardworking team at BCH and the impact they have had on the children of the local community this year is a great way to restore our faith in human strength and compassion.

We can certainly say 2018 ends on a high note as we meet the Paediatric team nurses of Bwindi Community Hospital. REACH Bwindi is proud to have supported them and their work for 6 months in a partnership with the hospital. This would not have been possible without your generosity and donations, which, as ever, make a huge difference to the lives of the entire community at Bwindi.

I am Owomugisha Agatha, 22 years old. My home is about 70km away from Bwindi Hospital.  I am an enrolled nurse working at Bwindi Community hospital in the child health program area since July this year.  I am very grateful for an opportunity to work with BCH, as the motto for nurses goes; “we are chosen by God to love and serve”.  I am responsible to carry out audits to ensure all patients vital observations and drug administration are done in time. I like it when patients are comfortable in a safe and confidential environment.

I am Naturinda John 28 years old from Nyabikoni. I am employed at Bwindi Hospital and where I am the nurse In-charge for the Child Health/ Nutritional program area.  I do supervise and oversee nurses, volunteers placed on the ward and ensure smooth running of different activities in the unit but also provide mentorship to all staff and students on the ward. I was born a premature baby; I chose to be a nurse and I have specific interest in neonatal care.  I love to see newborn babies leave the hospital healthy and their mothers with smiles of joy.

I am Diana Namara, 24 years and Ugandan Rukarara Rwanga in kihihi Kanungu District. I am a registered nurse working with Bwindi Hospital where I have worked since 1st December 2017. I have been working on the children’s ward where among my nursing responsibilities I am responsible for the chronic care clinic. I ensure all children with chronic conditions are identified and enrolled in care. Furthermore, I give physiotherapy services mostly to chronic care patients. I developed passion to become a nurse while still in primary school.

I am Dr. Isaac Gawar the pediatrician at Bwindi Community Hospital. I love treating children.  I do provide specialist services and management of children with all conditions admitted on the ward.

During my spare time I also teach at the Nursing school, I love to support the community.  I find working at BCH very rewarding, the team is very helpful and supportive and always wants to change things for the better even with little resources. Despite my home being in South Sudan, this feels like home.

I am a 29 year old married mother of two girls. I have worked in Bwindi since the 14th October 2013, when I was hired as an enrolled nurse,.I have been given an opportunity to work as I study which is not common in other health facilities. I am now a registered nurse.

  There are few health facilities in my community and since my primary school days, I told my parents that I wanted to be a nurse and working at Bwindi. What I enjoy most with my work is that we work as a team and all people are supportive.

I am Kembabazi Sincere, 23 years and most recently recruited member on the Child health department. I recently completed my training at Uganda Nursing School Bwindi.  I grew up with my grandmother who always encouraged me to care for the guests and other siblings at home since I was the eldest, this caused me to want to be a nurse and help children but also I love hospitality work.  My passion for children roots back from my childhood and I am currently the one in charge of the play area.  I am very grateful for having been given an opportunity to work with BCH;

Salvan Tumuramye is my name, a 30 year old male from Kihembe. From my childhood till to date there is only one health centre caring for more than 10,000 people in my area which is also in most cases not stocked with drugs. After realizing the need that we had for health workers in my community, I developed passion of wanting to become a nurse and help with the care of the sick in my area.  I have been working at Bwindi since March 2013. 

My name is Mugarura Robert. My home is about 50km from Bwindi hospital but with very poor road connection to Bwindi. I am an enrolled nurse and have worked at Bwindi since 2016, I was recently offered an opportunity to further my studies at UNSB which is not common in other facilities to be able to work and study.

I am the first nurse to graduate from my entire sub-county, there has always been a lot to desire in the health services in my community, and now during my off days at Bwindi, I go back to help the nurses working in the health facility there.

We wish the entire community at Bwindi, and all our supporters a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

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