July Update and a tour of BCH

The lockdown within Uganda, announced on 6th June, was further strengthened on 14th  June, with curfew brought forward to 7pm, and a ban on all public and private transport both within and across districts, except where there is approval from local government.

BCH is continuing to manage Covid cases locally as far as possible.  To date, there have been 156 +ve tests, 50 admissions, and 7 hospital deaths thought to have been due to Covid.  Patients are discharged for home-based care wherever possible. The new Medical Ward/ICU is being used temporarily for managing Covid patients, and 1 ICU bed is available for use for people needing ventilation.

The schools are still all closed. UNSB is looking at what further can be done virtually for now. Nursing and midwife tutors from UNSB are working in the hospital, particularly on supporting the Covid patients in the new ward.

Across Uganda as a whole, numbers still increasing. The 42 day lockdown is likely to be reviewed, for possible extension, in the next 2 weeks.

We are all thinking of our friends and colleagues in BCH and for those of you who have not had the pleasure of visiting here is a video tour made a couple of years ago.

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