Summer news from Sight4Bwindi and a Covid19 update

As Uganda comes through it’s second wave of Covid cases we were pleased to hear that travel restrictions have been eased and continuing students have been returning to the Nursing School.  

There have been 12 Covid positive members of staff. All hospital staff apart from those who had the first dose late, have now had their second dose of the vaccine.

The price of consumables remains high because of Covid. Visitors to the hospital have brought supplies of masks.

Between 17th May and 27th July,  BCH has had 446 suspected cases of Covid19 with 180 testing positive. During that period,  75 patients were admitted; of these,  62 have been discharged,  two are still critically ill, one is recovering on the ward and  10 patients have died.  118 patients were managed at home; none of those died.  Since 27th July,  10 patients have been admitted and a number of others have been managed at home. At the moment, there is one patient in the hospital and a few moderate and mild cases being managed at home.

Pedson, Sight4Bwindi’s ophthalmic trainee gives his own account of his experience of Covid19 and we are happy to share with you the latest newsletter from Sight4Bwindi:

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